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The Percentage of Successful Forex Traders Is Very Low: Here's Why

The brutal reality is forex trading has claimed countless victims over the years. At times, this form of investing can be incredibly unforgiving. While figures indicate those who start forex trading usually come up short during the first six to 12 months, the reasons for this are far more obvious than most realise. The following explains why the percentage of successful forex traders is very low, along with the pitfalls you need to avoid next time you log on to trade.

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Things to Look For When Reviewing A Forex Trading Platform

Forex trading is no longer the exclusive realm of city slickers and high-cost brokers. Thanks to the internet, anyone and everyone who has a penchant for investing can engage in the forex market with relative ease. That being said, it’s not always easy to put your best foot forward, as finding the very best forex trading platforms requires plenty of due diligence. When you review the available options, keep the following considerations in mind.

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Buyer Beware: Use Caution Before Using Currency Trading Forums

What are currency trading forums?

As the world of forex completed its migration to the online domain, what sprung up as a result were growing communities of web-based forex traders, of which many had an opinion to share. Because of this, during the early 2000s, forex trading forums began to crop up within all four corners of the globe. Their purpose was to allow free and open discussions of forex trading to share tips, tricks, and advice.

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4 Forex Trading Signals You Need to Master to Understand the Market

What are forex trading signals?

When it comes to the hyper-competitive realm of forex trading, it’s pretty clear that every investor is looking for an “edge”. While what actually constitutes an “edge” is routinely debated, there is no denying that many traders invest large amounts of time into forex trading signals. Ranking as one of the most important tools that any forex trader can have within his or her trading arsenal, forex trading signals can help you stay one step ahead of the market.

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What Really Is An ECN and Do You Really Want One?

What Is An ECN?

A quick google search will show ECN stands for Electronic Communication Network. Taking this as the definition every single FX trading platform would be classified as an ECN and indeed a lot of brokers use this simple definition to promote their offers as “ECN”. There is a second more detailed definition of an ECN understood by most professional market participants and increasingly understood and sought after by retail participants. This definition follows that an ECN is a trading platform that links best bids and offers from many different liquidity providers and market participants that are aggregated providing transparent and best execution.

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Incorporating a Forex VPS into Your Trading Strategy

“Forex VPS” is a term that is currently doing the rounds within the world of investing, but what does it actually mean? Well, if you are confused, fear not—here’s how you can incorporate it into your overall forex trading strategy.

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How to Create Your Own Forex Trading System

You can’t trade forex without a strategy; having a strategy is going to be your bread and butter when it comes to finding success. Creating an effective forex trading system isn’t always the easiest of tasks, as it requires plenty of thought and foresight. Looking at what it takes to both establish and maintain a consistent forex trading system, the following information is going to be key.

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Valutrades Announces Strategic Partnership with Chasing Returns

New partnership will deliver next generation integrated analytics solutions for retail traders.

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The 3-Step Formula for Finding Forex Success

Success within the world of forex trading is anything but a given, as risk is located around every turn. That being said, you should never let the potential risks associated with forex trading deter you from viewing it as a viable form of investing. Forgetting all the “get rich quick” and “instant success guaranteed” schemes that are consistently bouncing around the web, what you need to grasp is that while fast cash is unrealistic, slow-paced profits certainly aren’t out of the question. Having an effective long-lasting strategy can easily put you within touching distance of profit, with there being absolutely no doubt about that.

Understanding that you can indeed make the forex market your own is part of the battle, but confidence will only carry you so far. Helping you to figure out what’s what and what’s not when it comes to forex trading, we have compiled a three-step formula for finding forex success.

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Trading Support and Resistance

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