Volatility can be scary for many traders, but it can also create lucrative trading opportunities if you understand how to adjust your risk management.

In times of uncertainty, markets have a tendency to make quick swings, and it’s important to understand risk management and how to perform fundamental analysis so you can successfully navigate a choppy market.

Watch the webinar as Brad Alexander discusses: 

  • Adjusting risk management in volatile conditions
  • Why we have market volatility
  • How to use average true range (ATR) 
  • Taking advantage of volatile conditions
  • Performing fundamental analysis post-crisis


webinar-presenter-BradBrad Alexander is an industry veteran who started trading the currency markets long before the advent of online trading. He owns FX Large Limited, which is dedicated to the provision of content for the forex industry; his clients include fintech companies, educators, and, of course, Valutrades. Brad is a self-confessed forex platform junkie who has worked with and created how-to content for most trading platforms, including MT4 and MT5.

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