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GBP Outlook: A Look Ahead

One thing is certainly clear in September and that is the strength of GBP, which is experiencing a resurgence in popularity. Not since before Brexit was confirmed has GBP reached such high levels. In this blog we are going to look at some of the underlying reasons for this and evaluate whether the trend will continue.

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2017 Commodity Correlations You Should Be Paying Attention To

In the world of forex trading, there is no denying that correlations carry a huge degree of weight. Forex traders—both new and established—are trading currencies from all around the globe. These currencies are issued by prominent central banks and play a huge impact within the realm of currency control, international trade, and general investing. What’s pretty much common knowledge is the fact that the value of a particular currency has a direct impact on the economy of the issuing country and vis versa, with it affecting commodities, stock markets, and the spending behaviour of people. A currency’s performance is also directly impacted by alternate factors such as inflation, interest rates, and employment levels.

The following delves into the world of currency and commodity correlations, explaining what they are, along with which ones you should be paying particular attention to.

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German Election on 24 September: Earthquake or Non-event?

The two drivers that determine the most likely scenarios and the anticipated impact of the upcoming general election in Germany on the global markets are the 1) party manifestos and the 2) election polls.

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US Federal Interest Rate Decisions: What It Means for Forex Markets

Note: The next Fed meeting will be September 20th at 18:00GMT

The forex market and the related currency values are determined by a number of key factors. While all of these factors carry importance, there is one that stands taller than the rest: interest rates. These rates are arguably what drive the forex market, as the major central banks have a huge hold over how the market functions and moves forward. The interest rates linked to all of these central markets generally shift as an indirect response to other economic indicators that occur throughout the year. Largely because of how tumultuous they can be, interest rates have the power to move the market in both directions at full force.

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The Risks and Rewards of a Forex News Trading Strategy

You’ll hear the term “trading the news” routinely mentioned within the world of forex, but what does it actually mean? Plus, why are more people than ever before adopting a forex news trading strategy? Well, ignoring the obvious answer of “to make money”, forex news trading strategies have gained traction because of how close they bring traders to what is actually taking place within the market. Open 24 hours a day, five days a week, economic data runs rampant throughout each forex trading day, proving to be the catalyst for both short-term and long-term movements. At last count, at least seven pieces of important data are being released daily, which means that those who opt for a forex news trading strategy have plenty to get stuck into.

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August 2017 Forex Recap: What Happened and What to Watch For

It’s safe to say that throughout the summer months the forex market has experienced a pretty bumpy ride. Economic and political news continues to make things difficult for forex traders to get a firm grasp on the direction of the market. With Donald Trump’s presidency continuing to worsen, the UK government still struggling to generate Brexit momentum, and North Korea flexing its military muscle, it’s pretty clear that August 2017 was a rough ride for many engaged in forex trading.

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What Type of Trader Are You? Fundamental vs. Technical

In the world of forex trading, every trader has his or her own unique trading strategy. However most strategies can be grouped into two major categories: fundamental or technical. In this blog post, we will look at what each of these categories is and the advantages and disadvantages of each.

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Herd Mentality: The Biggest Danger in Forex Trading

You will have probably seen it addressed before, as no matter the form of trading or investing, herd behaviour has a tendency to run rampant. By definition, herd behaviour is the act of following, mimicking, and relying upon the actions of a large group, instead of relying upon one’s own individual initiative. In the realm of forex trading, herd behaviour can be seen occurring almost every single day, to the point where you will even see some of the most experienced traders around “follow the crowd” at times.

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Valutrades Graduate Trading Part 2 - Lessons Learned

A week and a half into our August graduate trading program there are already many lessons to be learnt. Rather suprisingly myself, the boss with lots of experience is leading by bad example while the graduates are 2 up and 1 down and looking promising.

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Oil Trading: How to Trade One of the Most Volatile Commodities

On the surface, the oil market presents something that is both confusing and complex, as its sheer volatility (and prior bad press) has worked to put off many an investor in the past. When it comes to oil, risk is always going to be something that traders have to contend with, but that doesn’t mean that you should necessarily run a mile when the market crosses your path.

Due to its standing within the world’s economic and political systems, along with its high liquidity, oil trading is still something that should carry appeal to active traders. With a sharp eye and knowledge of the market, oil can easily make up a key element within your investment portfolio. Helping you to make that a reality, the following looks at exactly how you can successfully trade one of the most volatile commodities around.

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