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Trader's Activity and Your ROI

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How discipline was the Real Winner in the PlayMakerChallenge

We challenged a group of traders to stay disciplined for 2 weeks with the assistance of PlayMaker - the live discipline monitor. Here’s what happened.

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MT4 vs. Other Platforms: Why MT4 Is Perfect for Almost Every Forex Trader

Those who are just starting out in the world of forex trading are likely to face a wealth of options on the trading platform front. ZuluTrade, NinjaTrader, and Trading Station—among others—all have plenty to offer, but there is one trading platform that appears to be head and shoulders above the rest. MetaTrader 4 (MT4) is used by all leading forex trading experts and is truly award-winning in stature. Considering its comprehensive nature and growing reputation, the following looks at why MT4 is the perfect trading platform for almost every forex trader.

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Forex FAQ: The Top Questions Asked by Currency Traders

Forex has become the “hot” term within the world of investing, largely due to its round-the-clock accessibility and low level of entry. The years of forex traders being exclusive to executive types are long gone, with the market now being open to anyone who carries an interest in trading and an active internet connection. Those just starting out may find the forex market to be a bit daunting initially, which is where the following can help. Below we’ve answered the top questions asked by currency traders through an in-depth forex FAQ, which should allow you to get a grasp on what forex trading is all about.

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Trading Video: Triangles & Pennants on MT4

One of the most important parts of technical analysis in trading is Chart Patterns. Perhaps the most reliable and easiest to trade of these are triangles and pennants.

These shapes all represent the battle between buyers and sellers and look like the compression of price like a giant spring.  Eventually, the pressure compressing the spring will give out and price will move.

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October 2017: Forex Recap

It’s safe to say that the summer months proved to be fairly unkind to a number of major currencies. Amid rocky political waters in both Europe and North America, the forex market was hit by wave after wave of uncertainty. With the effects of Brexit negotiations still up in the air, the controversial presidency of Donald Trump showing no signs of calming, and Germany’s political scene being ruffled by far-right implications, October certainly gave forex traders plenty to think about.

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How Much Money Do The Top Forex Traders Make?

There is serious earning potential at hand when you choose to trade currency, something that every investor should be trying to unlock. Looking at the scale of forex trading, it’s certainly worth knowing not only what the top traders are making, but also how they are making it, along with how top traders differ from the rest.

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Take the PlayMaker Challenge from Chasing Returns

Can you keep your discipline for 2 weeks of trading? This is the PlayMaker Challenge 

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Trading Video: Fibonacci on MT4


In 13th Century Italy, a mathematician called Leonardo Fibonacci discovered that many elements in our daily lives follow a predictable sequence.

Traders use the same numbers to plot sequential levels of support and resistance following reversals from previous trends.

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5 Advantages of Automated Forex Trading

In the past, access to information to get traders started in the financial markets was extremely limited. Since then, major advancements have taken place on the technology front, making the forex and CFD market more accessible to all. This has been achieved through a plethora of educational materials, industry experts, and faster data processing. We are now facing an additional problem that has left traders confused and once again unsure where to get started: information overload.

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