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7 Expert Forex Trading Tips



1. Never forget to use stop loss orders always:

Do not trade forex without making sure that the stop loss order is in place. It insures that your funds are protected from any unforeseen circumstances that might occur. Even as expert forex trader can never enter any trade without a stop order in place. 

2. Focus on both the fundamental and technical analysis:

Some expert forex traders make use of technical analysis for trading while others trade only the fundamentals. It is strongly advised to make adequate use of the two each time so that market will be monitored well. 

3. Do not allow your emotions to get to you:

Forex trading can be fun and at the same time frustrating. Getting hold of our emotion will make a trader not engage in any unnesscary trade to avoid loss.

4. Do not over trade:

Do not jump into any trade because you feel the market is presenting an opportunity for your to make some more money. Trade only when the right set-up is there to avoid an unlikely and unwanted loss in your account.

5. Make use of money management strategy:

Trade with the money you can afford to lose. Expert forex traders advise against trading with large amount of your capital. Trade with 3-5% of your trading fund in a particular trade.

6. Make use of multime time frames:

As a trader, do not make your analysis only on one particular time frame but rather go with the whole which will give you a clearer direction of the market. 

7. Plan your trades very well:

If your fail to plan, you are planning to fail. This particular forex tip is important because it makes you to know what you are doing.



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