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3 Helpful Affiliate Reports Available for Valutrades Partners


Affiliated MT4 Trades.jpg

Forex affiliate marketing has become an increasingly competitive marketplace, with countless brokers offering schemes to entice active traders into marketing on their behalf. While the effectiveness of some of these programs can be debated, Valutrades strives to deliver a program that is functional, effective, and—most importantly—profitable for its partners.

Part of the reason why the Valutrades Forex Affiliate Program has earned such a trustworthy reputation—apart from the fact that it is consistently audited—is that it goes to great lengths to educate and inform users on client progress. This comes about through its affiliate reports, all three of which allow you to have a firmer grasp on your affiliate output.

Delivering Total Transparency

The harsh reality is that affiliate marketing through forex brokers can often present something of a cloudy experience, keeping details at a minimum and often holding you back from really maximizing your client output. Valutrades opts for a different approach—one that adopts total transparency. Its belief is that the solution to finding success in affiliate marketing is understanding what your clients are doing. Valutrades’ detailed and open reports bring you that information in real time, as you’ll be able to remain up-to-date on both demo and live account performance.

As long as the client registers under your affiliation code, rebates will be earned in real time will be displayed via the available reports. Valutrades has put its foot down when it comes to total partner transparency, aiming to eliminate the ambiguity of some forex affiliate schemes.

Types of Affiliate Report

When you become a Valutrades Forex Affiliate Program partner, you have access to three reports that can bring you on-the-pulse updates regarding your performance.

  • Affiliated accounts - The first report takes a surface view of your output, detailing all affiliated accounts. This includes both demos for conversion and live accounts. This provides a basic look at how your conversion approach is working, allowing you to see your current number of registrations, time between registrations, and any potential future conversions.

Affiliated MT4 Accounts.jpg

  • Affiliated trades - Solely looking at trading activity, the affiliated trades report addresses client account activity. You can see what trades are being made and when, which in turn allows you see which client accounts are having the most success.

Affiliated MT4 Trades.jpg

  • Affiliated rebates - Valutrades takes great pride in delivering competitive rebates for partners, and the affiliated rebate report provides real-time information on how this is boosting your earning potential.

Affiliate Rebates.jpg

All reports are exportable to excel for even easier audit and transparency.

Why these three reports are important

We mentioned earlier that the quality of forex affiliate programs can vary greatly; this is especially the case when it comes to both transparency and trust. The reason why these reports are so important is because they place crucial data at your fingertips, with no information—no matter whether it’s big or small—being kept from you. It is through this that you can truly assess your affiliate account performance, understanding what’s working, what isn’t working, and what you may need to change.


The biggest issue that many have with other, lesser forex affiliate programs is that they don’t do enough to give users the data they need to improve performance. It ’is easy to see why many have cried foul when it comes to honesty, since many of these programs provide a face-value look at matters and little else, making it impossible to see what’s actually going on within your client base. Through extensive reporting measures, Valutrades Forex Affiliate Program proves that it isn’t an ordinary affiliate program. Going above and beyond rival systems to deliver true transparency, our extensive reports—affiliated accounts, affiliated trades, and affiliated rebates—ensure that you remain up-to-date in real time with regards to client activity.

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