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Finding the Best Forex Affiliate Program: A List of What to Look For



Forex trading is becoming increasingly more popular by the day, as more and more individuals begin to see it as a viable form of investing. Because of this, a new avenue of profit has opened up, with affiliate marketing now representing a key part of how the world of forex trading functions. Those with an interest in forex trading and a penchant for a particular broker will understandably want to explore forex affiliate marketing.

Before you jump in head first, it pays to understand that not every forex affiliate program is created equal. This article breaks down the key points related to forex affiliate marketing, helping you to find the best forex affiliate program for your needs in the process.


When you scroll down what is probably a mightily long forex affiliate program list, you are going to see name after name and broker after broker. Taking the initial step in casting aside the forex affiliate programs that simply aren’t worth the time or effort, you should delve into the history of any program that catches your eye. By looking at the numbers and percentages that stand behind an affiliate operation, along with the years active, reputation of and regulation held you will be able to get a real feel for its quality and its all-round reputation. Remember: When it comes to forex affiliate programs, the devil is often in the details, so don’t discount history under any circumstances.

Honesty and Transparency

If you’ve been around the world of forex long enough, you will probably have heard some people label the term “affiliate” as something dirty or unbecoming. While there is no denying that the word has become somewhat controversial—largely due to the number of half-heard programs out there—that doesn’t mean that affiliate programs should be avoided completely. The key to finding the best forex affiliate program is deep-rooted in honesty and transparency. Any affiliate program that you choose to throw your weight behind needs to showcase 100 percent transparency in its operation, which includes seeing commissions trade by trade, along with the ability to export reports related to performance.

Performance Tracking

When you choose to engage in forex affiliate marketing on any level—no matter the scheme you select from a forex affiliate program list—you should never underestimate what both momentum and rhythm can mean to your bottom line. Through adequate performance-tracking tools, you will be able to monitor when and where the money is coming from. If a forex affiliate program doesn’t give you the power to track your performance on a grand scale, then it isn’t a forex affiliate trading program that’s worth engaging in.

Marketing Support

The affiliate market when it comes to forex trading is ruthlessly competitive, with new, related sites seemingly launching every other day. The key to standing out within this competitive marketplace comes down to how you are perceived by traders, which is where marketing support comes into the equation. Through the forex affiliate program you have opted for, you must be provided with the adequate tools to promote the broker in question. Banners, website graphics, email templates, and more should be made readily available in order to allow you to promote the broker adequately.

Withdrawal Options

When you start the often exciting journey into the world of forex affiliate marketing, you’re looking to turn effort into cold, hard cash. Should things turn out as planned, you’ll need to address the way in which you get your hands on profit. Any respectable and upstanding forex affiliate program allows for total flexibility when it comes to withdrawal options. From bank transfer all the way through to the latest digital payment platforms, the best forex affiliate programs will allow you to manage your profit as you see fit.


What the affiliate market represents is the perfect opportunity for any active forex trader to open up another avenue of profit. While on paper the act of promoting a single broker for profit sounds easy enough, the reality—as you can see from the above—is actually a very different story. It takes time to become a successful trader and affiliate marketer, with the entire process starting with finding the best forex affiliate program and with the aforementioned certainly arming you with the tools to do just that.

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