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Growing Your Affiliate Network through Facebook



If you’re looking to become a forex affiliate master, you’ve come to the right place. Social media is a huge part of everyday life in this day and age, allowing people all over the world to connect with each other. Forex affiliate marketing via social media channels can be tough—especially when it comes to Facebook—so here are a few tricks to make sure that your social media marketing efforts are up to scratch.

Why Facebook?

Facebook is easily the most important social media site out there. There are more than a billion people worldwide who use it—information flows through it daily, and for a forex affiliate marketer, Facebook is a hub for potential. The way to tap into this potential is through “likes,” which present a whole new way to reach potential new clients.

Facebook users have a simple and easy way to show that they like what they’re seeing: They simply click “like” on a post. This shows on their feed that they approve of something, and they can even share what they really connect with on their own timeline or a friend’s. This exposes the post to their friends, who then start the process over again by clicking “like.” Essentially, it’s a ripple effect.

This process allows your forex affiliate marketing to grow and reach relevant people who are more likely to connect with your content. Instead of random strangers, relevant people are likely to have applicable interest in forex or investments, and their friends are too. As any particular post gains value and trust among fans and friends of those fans, it becomes even more relevant and valuable to people who like it. In a nutshell, Facebook is a powerful tool that shouldn’t be discounted if you have forex affiliate marketing intentions.

Setting Up Your Facebook Page the Right Way

Setting up a Facebook page (if you don’t have one already) is simple and quick. First, you can go to Facebook and log in to your personal profile—or create an account if you don’t have one. Once you’ve logged in, you then click on the small wheel on the top right of the screen and click the option to “Create a Page.”

The key comes in filling the page with appropriate content related to your forex affiliate site. Once you’ve selected the relevant categories, it’ll be time to put together a small bio. Keep it short and easy to read, and don’t go overboard with keywords. After all, the first word has more impact on Google results, by SEO standards (more on SEO later). Finally, add a profile picture that is polished and professional so your site looks the part in the eyes of visitors.

SEO Benefits

One important feature of having your own page is that when you hit 25 likes, you can create a custom vanity URL. This is important for SEO purposes because search engines put a lot of weight behind URLs. Have your URL reflect your brand or affiliate name, and make sure that you use backlinks accordingly.

Status updates are also an important feature. These are what gives Google and other search engines the content they need to identify your posts and your page. Google places a lot of emphasis on the first word of the post, so do your best to make it a keyword. In addition, Google uses the first 180 characters as a meta description, so short and sweet is definitely the way to go with status updates. Including direct links to your website allows you to influence the flow of traffic.

Yours post should also have strong links to your email and blog marketing. Have a new article on your site? Well, make sure to post the link on your site—it could very well help you generate further likes and shares.

Engaging With Fans

In order to keep likes and fans, you’re going to want to prioritize quality over quantity. Visual posts tend to get more likes than text-heavy posts, so make your content relevant and easy to read. Establish a consistent style, and stick to it. And make sure you’re offering value to your fans—not just words on a page that don’t mean anything.

You should also take the time to engage with followers, especially if a post sparks a discussion. When it comes to forex affiliate marketing, the personal touch can go a long way, so don’t be afraid to generate discussions.

Successfully Directing Traffic

After building a notable number of likes—or even during the process of doing so—you need to start directing traffic appropriately. For any user to have faith in the tracking links you post, they need to trust you as resource. Go out of your way to make followers genuinely like you by presenting a professional page.

Once you’ve hooked an audience, do what you can to entice them to your site before pushing them toward your newsletter sign-up. This opens up the door to two avenues of future marketing. Promoting direct links can work, but more often than not, the tactful approach is more effective over the long term.

Facebook Advertising Methods

Facebook has such a huge user base that you’ll often feel you’re missing out when you strictly stick to the growth methods mentioned above. Here’s something of a shortcut: Making use of Facebook’s advertising methods can put your page in front of the right audience. When used effectively, Facebook ads can help you target a specific audience because Facebook has information about users’ locations, interests, and age demographics. This does present an effective way of pulling in traffic—if you have the budget for it.


This is by no means a complete guide, as there is plenty left to say about Facebook’s other uses as a forex affiliate marketing tool. However, this is a good starting point. Setting up your page for search engine optimization, as well as getting as many likes as possible, gaining fans, and keeping them all adds up to one thing: a successful forex affiliate page.

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