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How Does a Valutrades Affiliate Tracking Link Work?



If you’re involved in forex trading, then in all likelihood you’ll have been made aware of affiliate systems. Valutrades is proud to promote one of the most effective and advanced affiliate systems currently within the forex market. To help you further understand how the Valutrades forex affiliate program works, we’ve put together this guide to how the program functions—specifically your dedicated Valutrade affiliate tracking link.

What is Forex Affiliation?

Before you can look to become a member of the Valutrades Forex Affiliate Program, you need to understand what forex affiliation actually is. Effectively representing a form of third-party marketing, forex affiliation allows anyone to profit from referring others to Valutrades. Forex affiliation can come about in a number of different ways, as options for generating leads are very much open-ended.

Valutrades provides members of the scheme with a wealth of marketing materials—including banner ads—that can help anyone promote forex trading with Valutrades. Valutrades can also open the door to potential networking through multiple sub-affiliate levels, which allows you to effectively devise and create your very own team of sub-affiliates.

What is a Forex Affiliate Tracking Link?

Affiliate-tracking links stand at the very core of all forex affiliate activity. The function and purpose of these links require their own detailed explanation. After registering with the Valutrades Forex Affiliate Program and setting up your account, you’ll be able to enter your own designated login area. Each client login area comes with an affiliate links section, detailing over 50 unique tracking links. Valutrades is a global forex broker, covering not just a world-spanning market, but also an equally vast user base. For that reason, the program is able to provide you with links to cover various different languages, websites, and application forms.

How Does a Forex Affiliate Tracking Link Work?

Each link that Valutrades provides comes with its own btag code, and each code is unique to the affiliate account in question. The btag code makes up the end of any link provided, so it is immediately distinguishable from any link being used by another member of the Valutrades Forex Affiliate Program. Once any new client progresses through an affiliate link that has a btag code attached, a cookie is added. Following that, when the client registers with Valutrades, we verify the btag code and automatically assign that client to the affiliate. It should be noted that links/cookies are invisible to clients, so there will be no disruption to the client’s registration process or trading activity.

Cookies will come into effect the moment the client clicks the link and will last a minimum of six months. This will give you plenty of time to convert any prospective lead, so don’t worry if somebody clicks the link and doesn’t register right away. Remember, once somebody clicks your affiliate link, he or she is “yours,” and from that point on you can’t lose the client until the cookie expires.


The Valutrades Forex Affiliate Program is made up of many elements, including marketing tools, restriction-free rebate withdrawals, and total transparency. For all these advantages to be realized—and used effectively, for that matter—the importance of an affiliate-tracking link should never be understated. Within the setup of any affiliate program, the tracking links provided will be absolutely pivotal to any success. It is effectively the “link” between you and your clients, allowing you to reap the rewards of your affiliate marketing efforts.

Valutrades gives you true flexibility when it comes to affiliate tracking links, as it provides numerous options covering countless languages. Now, thanks to the above, you’ll have a firm grasp on how these links work and how you can put them to good use!

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