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How to Increase Affiliate Conversions by Optimizing for SEO



A fundamental in active industries such as forex, search engine optimization—or SEO for short—requires critical levels of strategy, time, and effort due to the difficulty that comes with trying to rank on search engines. If you’ve arrived at this blog, odds are you’re already involved with the Valutrades Forex Affiliate Program and are looking to make your affiliate efforts that much more efficient by using the most competitive keywords. This article will offer insight into how to build a competitive, SEO-optimized, and engaging website with the correct keywords and backlinks to convert visitors into clients.

Putting Your Best Foot Forward

The first step when it comes to creating a great Valutrades affiliate website is learning how to keep your users on site and engaged. Engaged users are loyal, and therefore most likely to click on your tracking links. Here are some tips about keeping users on your site engaged and transforming them from onlooker to client.

Perform keyword research

Affiliate websites should be working to attract traders en masse. To do this, affiliate sites need to include key forex terminology and provide helpful content that potential traders are looking for along the way. You need to conduct keyword research to understand what demographics and who specifically you’re targeting.

First impressions matter

The first impression matters because it’s often the only chance that you’ll have to impress a user and turn him or her into a Valutrades client. You need to have a website that is easy to traverse, with content that is readable and quality.

The day and age of mobility

Every website should have a mobile version, and that includes forex affiliate sites. The amount of traffic that you’ll get from smartphones will rival your traffic from desktops, which means that this is an important step that can’t be missed.

Text formatting is important

If users can’t read what you write—no matter whether it’s SEO-optimized or not—then there’s no use to what you’ve written. So, you’ll want to use a font that is easy to read in terms of size and readability (not anything over the top), and you’ll want to incorporate good line spacing, bolding, lists (which are easy to read), and images to explain concepts in a clear way. Adding to that, menus should be easy to use and visible, making your website easy to move through.

Quick and easy

When it comes to SEO-optimized forex affiliate site visitors, they simply don’t want to have to wait to access content. Your site needs to load quickly to be favored by Google and users both. You also want people to spread the word about your site, as Google especially keeps an eye out for highly shared content, so make sure quick-share links are within reach.

Too many keywords

Keyword stuffing is literally stuffing the copy full of keywords, which can work to decrease affiliate conversions to no end. There is no set-in-stone formula for writing a good, engaging article, but you can always try to put yourself in the reader’s/user’s shoes. Quite simply, if readers like what you write, you’ll find them spending more time on your website, actively reading it and possibly even sharing pages or articles to spread your affiliate reach further. If you’re lucky, they’ll link back to your article on their own website— this is called link earning and is worth its weight in gold.

Getting links from unreliable sources

In order to improve your ranking in search engines, you have to have good content and links that ultimately drive the article home. This is one of the most important factors to consider when it comes to Google deciding whether your website is trustworthy. So, the higher-quality your backlinks are, the higher-quality the site is.

Avoid broken links

Broken links ultimately equal a bad reputation when it comes to users. Putting it simply, within your affiliate site and/or emails, make sure you avoid including dead links so that your users get the best experience.

Always track your numbers

This is the crucial step in monetizing your website and ensuring that your SEO is having a positive effect. You can have a great site, worthwhile copy, and content that is ultimately useful and informative with links that work and help back your copy up, but without tracking your users, you have no idea how people are responding to your site. Make sure your website has Google Analytics installed so you can monitor site activity.


Using these tips will ensure that your website is optimized for both user experience and search engines and will give you the best chance at earning rebates from a forex affiliate program.

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The information provided herein is for general informational and educational purposes only. It is not intended and should not be construed to constitute advice. If such information is acted upon by you then this should be solely at your discretion and Valutrades will not be held accountable in any way.