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Make Money Through Referrals: How Valutrades Affiliate System Works



There is a wealth of forex affiliate systems out there—every broker seems to have one to offer. Often the harsh reality is that most of these systems flatter in order to deceive and leave partners out of pocket, rather than set up for success. For that reason, when you find a high-quality affiliate system, it pays to grab it with both hands. Valutrades has been developing an affiliate-friendly reputation for years. Valutrades Forex Affiliate Program has earned plaudits for its market-leading rebates, impressive levels of transparency, and extensive degree of partner support.

The Valutrades Forex Affiliate program puts the power of affiliate marketing into the palm of your hand. It’s no wonder why so many people have declared an interest in registering.

The following blog will walk you through how the Valutrades Forex Affiliate Program works, helping you make those first steps before going on to earn real financial rewards.

Step 1 - Register

To get started, you need to register through the Valutrades Forex Affiliate program website. Simply click the “Start Your Application” button on the page (it’s big and green, so you can’t miss it) and fill out the attached form. You’ll also need to detail your experience, so Valutrades can know exactly what you offer as an affiliate to the broker.

Step 2 - Tracking Links

After you’ve completed the registration process, you can explore your designated Affiliate Area. Within this, you’ll be able to start your affiliate marketing efforts. Your key tool in this will be tracking links, but in the case of Valutrades, you aren’t given just a smattering of links to use. Valutrades provides you with over 50, covering countless different languages. These links are what you need prospective clients to use in order to register at Valutrades. By doing so, they become intrinsically linked to your partner account. This will allow you to earn rebates from your clients’ trading activity.

Step 3 - Referring Traffic

The key to affiliate success is generating referral traffic. You are free to approach this any way you wish. A simple link share might work well in some instances, but anyone with big aspirations needs to think bigger and take advantage of the 100 banner graphics that Valutrades provides. Use these on a website with effective SEO, and you can easily boost the levels of referred traffic that you’re able to generate.

Step 4 - Convert Accounts

A large percentage of the account leads you generate will opt to use Valutrades’ Free Demo account, because it provides the perfect starting point for most. The key for any forex affiliate partner is to convert those with a base level of interest into real money traders. The key to accomplishing this is email marketing, combined with the tools that Valutrades provides. Effectively selling the Valutrades brand, making the conversion, and turning demo accounts into real money accounts is going to be crucial to your rebate levels.

Step 5 - Analyze Funding and Trading Activity

We mentioned this earlier, but Valutrades functions with true transparency in mind. This means that no crucial data is ever kept out of reach. Through three reports—affiliated accounts, affiliated trades, and affiliated rebates—you can see all client funding and trading activity in real time. With this information, you can see where the most of your money is being generated, as well as where your forex affiliate efforts aren’t quite as effective.

Step 6 - Collect and Withdraw Rebates

You’ve done the hard work. You generated traffic, you made conversions, and you watched the market-leading rebates pile up, but what next? Next, it will be time to collect and withdraw. With a proven track record in delivering a no-restrictions experience, the Valutrades Forex Affiliate Program allows you to collect and withdraw your rebates in just a few clicks.


Valutrades Forex Affiliate Program delivers market-leading rebates, super fast registration, multiple levels of sub-affiliates, real-time rebate reports, transparent view of all registered demo and live accounts, access to countless marketing materials, and extensive partner support. Factor that in with everything mentioned above, and you’ll see that there is no reason you can’t become a successful Valutrades affiliate.

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