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How to Read and Understand Forex Trading Signals

When you choose to engage in forex trading, you’ll quickly come to understand that it pays dividends to make use of any and every tool that is made available. What these “tools” should do is help push forward your trading strategy, improving your output, and effectively helping generate further profit. Looking at what could very well take your forex trading efforts to the next level, forex trading signals happen to be something that no active trader can really afford to ignore.

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8 Benefits of Trading with Valutrades

When you’re on the hunt for an online forex brokerage, you’ve got options. Online forex trading has seen a number of platforms rise to prominence by providing state-of-the-art capabilities that meet the needs of both new and experienced forex traders. Meanwhile, the market for electronic communication network (ECN) brokers continues to see new platforms attempt to break in among forex traders.

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Swing Trading: The Top 6 Forex Pairs to Trade for Quick Trades

When you’re building a list of forex pairs to target through a swing trading strategy, there are a few basic characteristics you want to prioritize to identify the strongest trading opportunities possible. Any currency pair is going to offer price movements that create swing trading potential over time, but if you’re serious about swing trading, you want to limit your focus to the pairs that offer the highest profit potential through this trading strategy.

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Winning Traits: Keys to Successful Forex Trading

There are several specific traits that assist winning traders and that losing traders do not consider.

A common trait for many losing traders is the search for the Holy Grail or at the very least, the development of such a complex trading system, that even the trader who thought up the approach, will likely lose their place a few times should they describe it to you.

Traders often undertake a search for the perfect entry system, even if it is subconsciously. If the trader does not search for the perfect system, they may develop an overly complicated approach, with the belief that ‘more complicated must be better’.

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Market Wrap – April 2020

How is that for a month!   As the coronavirus pandemic continues, many more hundreds of thousands of people are infected.  Only a month ago we were talking in terms of hundreds of thousands of people infected with COVID-19, which has now ballooned out to over three million and more than 225,000 dead.  Economies have been brought to a grinding halt as governments around the world have taken unprecedented steps to lockdown their cities etc to help prevent the spread of the coronavirus. 

Financial markets have been rattled and the price of oil has plummeted as demand as all but dried up.  The extreme volatility we have seen in markets has subsided a little but remains above average.  Most major central banks have taken emergency action to cut rates (some repeatedly) and increase stimulus measures.

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Forex Exit Indicators: When to Exit Your Trade and Take a Profit

Timing is everything in forex trading. Enter a position too late, and you might miss out on the price movement you were hoping to use to generate a profit from your trade. 

The same is true when exiting a trade: If you exit too early, you might miss out on additional price action that would have fattened your profits. But if you hold on to a position too long, your profit margin could come crashing down as the price movement reverses and puts you at risk of taking a loss.

Experienced traders understand the importance of exiting as close to the peak of their potential profit as possible. Forex exit indicators can offer the foresight and information you need to identify the right exit opportunity and take a profit from your trading action. If you’re unfamiliar with these indicators, it’s worth educating yourself on your options so you can experiment with different strategies and identify the indicators that work best for you. 

Here are some popular forex exit indicators to consider using in your own exit strategy.

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Coronavirus Brings Wild Market Swings: 5 Tips to Manage Your Portfolio

All markets and currencies experience highs and lows from time to time. But there’s almost no modern precedent for the global economic impact of the coronavirus outbreak. As the pandemic sweeps through nations around the world and forces normal business operations to, more or less, grind to a halt, countries are experiencing their own local economic slowdowns, with the larger global economy headed for a deep recession.

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How to Profit from CFD Trading the US30

Index trading is a popular, easy way to invest in a group of businesses, or a representative sample of a country’s largest companies, without being forced to invest in individual companies.

For forex traders, index trading is an attractive alternative to directly investing in a specific country’s stock market. Typically, indices are designed to offer a reflection of a given country’s economic strength. But these indices can also serve as a high-performing collection of select holdings from a single market, offering a more concentrated investment opportunity in a foreign country’s economy.

Contract-for-difference (CFD) trading is popular for index investments. Of the various indices available around the world, the US30 is one of the best-known options available to traders, offering an easy way to get exposure to 30 of the United States’ largest companies.

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How to Use Moving Averages Effectively

A popular way of identifying trends is using moving averages. A moving average is a line on a chart that smoothes out price action by calculating an average of closing prices over a period of time and displaying the result on a chart providing an overall direction for a set period.

There are two variables to be determined when using a moving average. You need to decide first on the time period you are going to use to obtain the average and, second, what method of averaging you are going to use.

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The Best Volatility Indicators to Use in Your Forex Trading

Volatility is a two-sided coin when it comes to forex trading. On the one hand, volatility is how forex traders are able to turn a profit, especially when looking to make a quick buck off short-term trades.

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