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Analyzing a Parabolic SAR: How to Spot a Buy Signal

The parabolic stop and reverse (parabolic SAR) indicator was developed to help traders locate buy and sell signals for current trends and determine when to enter and exit trades based on an asset’s momentum. It was created by J. Welles Wilder Jr., a prolific mechanical-engineer-turned-analyst who pioneered a variety of the technical analysis tools that financial traders still rely on today. His other feats include the relative strength index (RSI), average directional index (ADX), and average true range (ATR).

Parabolic SAR
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How to Use the Elliot Wave Theory to Predict Market Swings

Odds are that you’ve heard of the Elliott Wave Theory, which is often discussed in the same breath as Fibonacci patterns. The Elliott Wave Theory was developed back in the 1920s by American accountant and author Ralph Nelson Elliott—hence the name. He believed that stock markets traded in cycles that were repetitive. This was a revolutionary way of thinking at the time because, among 1920s traders, the stock market was considered to be chaotic. Since then, the Elliott Wave Theory has gained traction as a market analysis method within the world of forex.

Here we’ll take a look at the history of the Elliott Wave Theory, along with how you can apply it to forex trading in an attempt to predict market swings.

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How to Read an Economic Calendar

Economic calendars lay out the dates and potential impacts of scheduled national and international events that are likely to affect the price and popularity of given markets or assets. Because certain types of events have been known to impact trade in significant, predictable ways, the nature and date of each event on an economic calendar can be used as a trading indicator to maximize profit potential.

Recurring news events tend to make the most compelling indicators because they have predictable effects on trading sentiment and volume. Examples include scheduled publication dates for widely regarded market statistics or surveys, and anticipated events such as federal decisions on interest rates, trade balances, and inflation.

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Market Recap January 2021

Welcome to our look back at January 2021 and what happened in forex markets around the world.

The main market drivers were quite varied, but quite predictable, this month with the COVID-19 Lockdowns, COVID-19 Stimulus Packages, COVID-19 Vaccines, the new US Government, US/China Trade Relations, and Brexit.

Regarding global trade issues with China, the world has been waiting for the new Biden administration to get up-and-running as the only way forward to resolving these.  An alliance between all major industrialised nations (hopefully led by the US) is really the only way to stand up to China.  Any news on this from will have major impact on Commodities, Currencies and Equities.

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The Importance of Disciplined Trading and Sound Risk Management

Forex trading isn’t just an analytical venture—it’s an investment path where emotions play a decisive role in performance. While most traders want to envision themselves as cool, calculating finance experts who set emotions aside and only make trading decisions based on cold, hard numbers, the reality is that even successful traders can fall prey to the impulses of their emotions.

These emotional impulses often pose a greater threat to trading strategies when traders lack awareness of these inclinations. When left unchecked, impulsive decisions and a lack of trading discipline can sabotage your risk management practices and put your trading strategy in a far more precarious position.

Don’t let unchecked emotions and undisciplined decisions derail your trading strategy. Use the following trading tips to place checks on your own emotions and manage your level of risk exposure.

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How to Use MACD and RSI Together to Spot Buying Opportunities

Both the moving average convergence divergence (MACD) and the relative strength index (RSI) rank among the most popular momentum indicators used in forex trading. When used in combination with other technical indicators, both MACD and RSI can offer value in validating trade opportunities and timing trades to optimize your risk management practices.

While they represent a similar approach to evaluating forex trades, the functions of both MACD and RSI are distinct, which makes them useful indicators to combine in trade evaluation. Here’s a look at how to use MACD and RSI as part of your trade analysis.

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Economic Indicators: Breaking Down the Retail Sales Index (RSI) Report

Each month, investors and economic analysts cast an eye over a number of key reports. Since 1951, the Retail Sales Index (RSI) report has solidified its status as one of the most important of these, largely due to its overview of the value of merchandise sold within the retail trade sector. Calculated by reviewing a selection of companies engaged in the business of selling end products to consumers, the report has always been a true testament to how companies of all sizes—from Walmart down to small-town stores—are collectively impacting the U.S. economy.

To help you understand its consistent relevance, the following breaks down the RSI report, explaining why it’s important and how you should approach it from a forex trading perspective.

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Forex Trading 101: Why It Pays to Take Your Time

“He that can have patience can have what he will.” - Benjamin Franklin

I believe that one of the most underrated character attributes of a successful trader is patience. It doesn’t matter whether you are a short-term, medium-term or long-term trader, whether you only trade foreign exchange or other financial products, patience is still applicable in several different situations.Patience is important when considering how you manage your trade exits, whether it be at a loss or profit.  If you lack patience you may have difficulty seeing a trade through until it hits its take profit level, and in order to achieve consistent long-term trading success, it is important that you do allow trades to take their course.

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3 Forex Indicators to Help You Confirm a Breakout

Forex traders bring all kinds of strategies and trading timelines to the table when they analyze forex charts. Both chart patterns and forex indicators can be used to evaluate trade opportunities depending on both your personal trading preferences and the price activity taking place on the forex charts.

When it comes to identifying a price breakout, though, technical indicators can help you determine not only the start of a breakout event, but also the kind of momentum it might carry for traders who open a position at the start of this movement.

Before we discuss the top technical indicators for confirming forex breakouts, though, let’s make sure we understand how breakouts start.

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Market Wrap – November 2020

Now that the dust has settled on the U.S. Presidential election and all of the fanfare and media coverage that comes with that, financial markets have focussed again on the coronavirus pandemic and vaccine hopes.  COVID-19 continues to makes it way through the United States and Europe, with cases in the former having now exceeded 13 million.  Numerous companies have reported test results from their COVID-19 vaccine testing and this has raised hopes that a vaccine is not far away and that the world can put 2020 well and truly behind it.  This has also raised risk appetite and increased bullishness in financial markets sending equity indices to record highs. 

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