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The Most Popular Forex VPS That Top Traders Use



In years gone by a trader was limited to simply manual forex trading practices. Moves could only be made during dedicated time windows, for which a trading station would be required, usually taking the form of a PC or laptop. Times have certainly changed, as automated trading and the many forms it takes on have given investors more flexibility, along with adding an additional dimension to forex trading in general. Now—through the use of a forex VPS—you have the ability to run your forex trading system 24 hours a day, even while you’re asleep and your computer is turned off. It also gives you the chance to log in to your platform from anywhere in the world. Considering the strength they hold, a forex VPS has the power to reinvent the way you trade.

What is a Forex VPS?

Standing for “virtual private server”, a forex VPS represents a remote server that—as the name suggests—plays host to forex trading software, general indicators, and expert advisors (EAs). What it allows for is round-the-clock, continuous, and uninterrupted trading, even when the trader’s primary computer isn’t running. From a technical standpoint, a forex VPS operates on the idea of shared hosting. This is because servers are housed within specially constructed data centers, with controlled environments in effect for optimal performance.

What a forex VPS generally represents is a viable option for those who like to keep a mechanical system running, which subsequently—through trade signals—allows a trader to remain active within the market without the need to be attached to a computer screen. Forex VPS services also have uses for those who want to trade remotely, tweaking activity through mobile trading platforms and devices in the same way you would at an operational trading desk.

The Most Popular Forex VPS Providers

The advantages of using a forex VPS are now pretty much apparent, with this particular way of trading becoming increasingly popular as a result. However, in order to get the very best out of the experience, you need to find the best forex VPS service for your needs. It’s not a case of a one-size-fits-all option by any means, so the following addresses the most popular forex VPS providers and what they have to offer.

Commercial Network Services

When it comes to cost, Commercial Network Services (CNS) definitely doesn’t rank at the budget end of the scale. However, when you factor in the sheer depth of service that this forex VPS provider delivers, it’s easy to understand the added expense. While it isn’t forex-specific, as it does offer other services, the brand’s impact within the world of forex VPS can’t be denied. Known among traders for its unrelenting reliability (and its 100 percent uptime guarantee), CNS also carries untouchable trade execution speeds that measure up well against the competition. CNS’s bespoke On-Net setup ensures that they have direct fibre optic connections with the largest FX brokers for maximum speed of execution. Finally, CNS also has a list of latencies to a number of big-name brokers, so accessibility will never be an issue. CNS is known as “The Global Leader of Managed Virtual Private Servers for Algorithmic Trading” for a reason, so you shouldn’t be quick to overlook this particular name.

Beeks Financial Cloud

Globally, Beeks Financial Cloud is a name that is really emerging as a forex VPS provider to be reckoned with. Launching back in 2011, Beeks Financial Cloud has quickly been able to establish roots on a global scale, with it now holding offices in the United States, Germany, Japan, Hong Kong, and the United Kingdom and servers in 9 locations worldwide. Classified as a high-end forex VPS provider, its specialty is financial web services, with the company owning physical servers within the most advanced data centers in all major financial hubs. What probably solidifies Beeks Financial Cloud as a known name is its low-latency connectivity (cross connected with all major forex brokers), with it placing a heavy focus on reducing barriers to entry and time to market for both institutional and retail clients trading forex.

MetaQuotes VPS

In most instances, the use of a forex VPS takes on the form of a “third-party” service. This is certainly a functional way of doing things, but platform integration is always going to be something traders long for. Enter MetaQuotes VPS (MetaTrader Virtual Hosting), a virtual hosting option that can be rented right from the MetaTrader 4 terminal. While it functions in a very similar fashion to other leading forex VPS services, what MetaQuotes VPS tends to put a high degree of focus on is convenience. Through just a few clicks, a trader can start working with EAs, indicators, scripts, and signal subscriptions, implementing them into a virtual server setup. Through MetaQuotes VPS, what traders will generally discover is ease of use and , reasonable costs.

X-Treme FX VPS

The X-Treme FX VPS is a different type of VPS focusing on extreme ease of use and performance. X-Treme FX’s VPS concentrates on making accessibility, ease of use and additional trading tools at it’s core. An X-Treme FX VPS comes pre installed with an MT4 trading platform, custom indicators, separate Pit View trading software and best of all is accessible from any web browser anywhere in the world. There is no software to install and no settings to add. This makes this VPS ideal for anyone looking for an easy to use, fully mobile solution that can be setup in only minutes.


As many traders know, manually remaining active in the markets 24/7 is impossible, while even covering eight hours a day is a challenge in itself. This probably explains why many have now opted to go down an automated route in order to make moves, even when manual market trading is possible. Forex VPS hosting solutions have experienced a burst in popularity as of late, as the right service can allow for total round-the-clock functionality. Good forex VPS services like those listed above are able to set themselves apart from other VPS hosting companies by catering specifically to the needs of forex traders. So, if you are looking toward forex VPS services and want to utilize what the top traders are using, look no further than what’s been detailed here!



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