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EURUSD - Falls Below 1.10 as IMF Talks Wartime Response


The EURUSD has continued its rollercoaster ride of late, as it has surged back higher from a three year low near 1.06 up above the key 1.11 level, however it has eased again in the last week moving back below 1.10. In the two weeks prior, the EURUSD fell sharply from its highest level in more than 12 months above 1.15 down to near 1.06 before rallying in the week after. Like many currencies, the volatility of the EURUSD has trebled in the last month as it is continues on its rollercoaster ride.
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US30 - Settles Back Below 22000 as U.S. Coronavirus Cases Rise


In the last week or so the US30 index has consolidated a little trading around 22000 after having moved so much in the last month or so. In the last week or so it surged higher from down near 18000 back up above 20000 which only added to its recent surge in volatility. Having moved around 200 points a day on average, this reading has surged to well above 1500 as the volatility has exploded to historic levels. In perspective, its recent surge higher comes on the back of a significant drop in the last month where it has moved from its popular trading range between 25000 and 27000 down to a three year low near 18000.
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GBP Stronger. Gold Consolidating.

Welcome to this week’s Market Blast Technicals where we will look at EURGBP, Gold (XAUUSD), USDJPY, and USDCNH.

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UK Oil - Drops to 18 Year Low Near $25 as Global Demand Disappears


In the last two weeks UK Oil has traded in a narrow range roughly between an 18 year low around $25 and $29, after having fallen dramatically throughout the previous three weeks, finding little support from anywhere on its way down. It experienced a significant gap down from $45 to $35 three weeks ago, and despite its efforts to rally back in the day or so afterwards, it has since fallen lower to around $25. It now has no obvious support levels with the possible exception of round numbers, e.g. $25 and $20.
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Effects of Coronavirus on the Economy. This week’s Non-Farm Payrolls.

Welcome to this week’s Market Blast Fundamentals where we will look at Coronavirus, UK Oil (Brent Crude), US Oil (WTI), USDCNH, and the S&P 500.

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Market Recap: 23 - 27 March


On Tuesday last week we covered the AUDUSD which spent the remainder of the week rallying higher regaining some of the lost ground from the previous two weeks. A week or so ago, in the face of steep falls, the AUDUSD was able to stop the bleeding and consolidate for a few days trading between 0.57 and 0.58. Given how fast it had been moving lower, the fact that it slowed right down was a positive which has now been backed up by its movement since to back above 0.61. In less than two weeks, the AUDUSD dramatically dropped sharply from around 0.66 down to an 18 year low near 0.55.
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GBPUSD - Surges above 1.20 as BOE Keeps Rates Steady


In the last week the GBPUSD has reversed and surged higher back above 1.20 and to a one week high above 1.22, having spent the previous two weeks dropping dramatically down from above the key 1.30 level down to its lowest levels in 35 years below 1.15. The sterling was able to enjoy some short term support from the 1.25 level two weeks ago however that level also gave way with the GBPUSD collapsing. Some of these levels may now offer some resistance if and when the GBPUSD rallies higher.
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Bank of England (BoE) Interest Rate Decision

Today at 12pm UK Time. BoE Interest Rate Decision is taken by monetary policy committee members and is published two weeks after the meeting. Interest rate growth is seen as positive for the sterling. F: 0.1%, P: 0.1%. #GBPUSD may retest 1.15.

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United Kingdom Retail Sales m/m

Today at 9:30am UK Time. Retail Sales m/m reflect a change in the UK retail sails in the reported month compared to the previous one. It is used in forecasting, budgeting for UK financial and economic policy. F: -1%, P: 0.9%. #GBPUSD may retest 1.15.

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XAUUSD - Remains Above $1600 as OECD Warns Over Economic Hit


In the last two days gold has eased back towards the key $1600 level after having surged higher from three month lows around $1450. For around one week, gold traded around the key $1500 level whilst touching $1450 on two occasions threatening to move lower, however it has since rebounded well. Just prior to its surge higher, gold fell sharply from seven year highs above $1700 and its volatility has increased four times in the last few weeks, underpinning how wildly it is moving.
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