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Recent Posts by Brad Alexander

Market Blast Video - 19.03.2019

Over the last month the Pound has gained substantially and we see some familiar consolidation patterns forming so watch for breakouts from these trendlines. However, technical analysis often takes a back seat to Fundamentals in London with more Brexit chaos looming.

In fact, the economic calendar is full of events this week, from almost every region, including interest rate decisions in the US, the UK and Switzerland.

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Market Blast Video - 12.03.2019

This is our 50th week and we hope you are enjoying this feature from Valutrades.

This week we have seen most major stock indices returning to former levels with the DAX approaching resistance. So?  Why isn’t the UK’s FTSE 100 doing the same?

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Market Blast Video - 05.03.2019

Gold shorts are doing well since the peak 2 weeks ago.We are currently at a key level and a break below could see us hit $1278 and lower.

Looking at the US majors we are seeing dollar strength on most pairs and we are at or near key levels on most so we will have lots to watch this week.

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Market Blast Video - 26.02.2019

Cable and the GBP pairs are back in focus with a possible delay to the Brexit deadline which is helping the pound.

Will this be a short delay or a long delay?  This will determine the level of pound strength and we are near support on EURGBP and watch the next key levels on GBPUSD and GBPCAD.

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Market Blast Video - 19.02.2019

Global indices are continuing their climb this year with some breaking the all-important 200 day moving average.

The improvement in equities had many investors thinking that the price of gold would fall after this and better news on geo-political tensions and trade disputes, but the fact is, more and more central banks are buying gold keeping the price high.

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Market Blast Video - 12.02.2019

Since 25 January we have seen weakness in the Pound and we are at key levels on almost every pair so let’s watch for breaks below or above in the case of the Euro.

Fundamentally, if the Theresa May cannot make any progress with Brexit we could see Sterling heading for the next levels.As well, we have UK economic news everyday this week.  Monday’s news showed the UK economy slowing so watch out!

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Market Blast Video - 05.02.2019

Gold has paused its bull run for Chinese new year but we see that a head and shoulders pattern may be forming so if we get a break below $1310 we have a few key levels on the way down.The US Majors are mixed but we see a few opportunities.

 We see a falling wedge in Cable so watch for a breakout and keep an eye on the Brexit news and expect volatility.

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Market Blast Video - 29.01.2019

All eyes will be on Cable and the Pound crosses today as the UK Parliament votes again on the latest Brexit deal. The current trend is in favour of GBP but watch for volatility.

Gold has broken above a key psychological level of $1300 and we have a few key technical levels from one year ago.

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Market Blast Video - 22.01.2019

The recent bull run in the global stock indices has taken a breather at this key level so we need to keep an eye on fundamentals with the US Government shutdown, protests in France, Brexit, the faltering US-China trade talks and the faltering Chinese economy.

These also effeof gold which ct the price had come down in recent days but has given us a few technical opportunities to trade.  Let’s watch for more this week.

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Market Blast Video - 15.01.2019

Today’s focus is on the Pound Sterling of course with the UK Parliament voting on the Brexit deal and even the economic calendars are predicting the worst.

The vote will take place tonight at 7 pm to 9 pm UK time and we should expect volatility and low liquidity.

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