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Market Blast Video - 15.01.2019

Today’s focus is on the Pound Sterling of course with the UK Parliament voting on the Brexit deal and even the economic calendars are predicting the worst.

The vote will take place tonight at 7 pm to 9 pm UK time and we should expect volatility and low liquidity.

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Market Blast Video - 08.01.2019

We have seen a bit of a New Year’s rally in the stock indices but we may just be heading back to resistance either to an upper trend line or to the 50 day moving average so we will monitor this.

Also, many analysts use the 50 day moving average, combined with the 200 day moving average, to look for a cross to the downside indicating a time to sell.

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Market Blast Video - 24.12.2018

The markets opened today with many weekend gaps on USD pairs and Gold with unrest in the White House and uncertainty over US government funding.

Let’s see if these gaps close this week with many markets closed for Christmas.

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Market Blast Video - 18.12.2018

All the Cryptos have started the week with moves to the upside settling in at key levels with Bitcoin around $3600.

 Could this be the start of a Crypto Santa Claus rally?

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Market Blast Video - 11.12.2018

Welcome to this week’s Valutrades Market Blast and a special look at the UK’s Brexit. Looking at the Daily chart we were in a ranging market on EURGBP but Monday’s chaos in parliament sent the pound to levels from August.

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Market Blast Video - 04.12.2018

Last week we looked at the correlation between Crude and the Loonie and it held true as Alberta dramatically cut production driving the price of WTI higher and USDCAD lower.

Normally, weekend gaps are filled but this one may be stubborn especially if OPEC cuts production this Thursday so let’s watch for some price action movement later this week.

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Market Blast Video - 27.11.2018

This month has seen some major bloodletting in the Cryptocurrencies but we are seeing consolidation now so we are looking for breaks either way.

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Market Blast Video - 20.11.2018

Last week’s note on the Ethereum descending triangle proved to be significant as all the Cryptos are heading south. But, don’t forget, these are CFDs and a trader can benefit with prices rising or falling.

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Market Blast Video - 13.11.2018

We are still seeing a lot of volatility on BitCoin every few hours so be careful when setting up your positions.

We see a familiar pattern with this descending triangle on Ethereum so let’s watch for a break below to $198 or a bounce off support back to the $220’s.

The USD just keeps getting stronger against the Euro, the Swiss franc, the yen and the Loonie with Kiwi and Aussie going the other way.

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Market Blast Video - 06.11.2018

Welcome to this week’s Valutrades Market Blast Special US Midterm Election Issue!

Normally, US Midterm elections do not mover the markets much but…

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