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Valutrades Equity Index CFD, Commodities, and Forex Funding Methods

Depositing and withdrawing funds to and from your Valutrades online account is quick and simple. We have several different funding options available that allow you to make deposits instantly and at no cost.

How the Funding Process Works

Once Valutrades sends you your account number, password, and server information, log in to your Valutrades client account. In the Valutrades Client Area, go to “Under My Funds,” and select the “Make a Deposit” option.

This allows you to deposit funds using a credit or debit card, Skrill, Neteller, bank transfer, and other multiple local methods depending on which region you reside in. Make sure the name on the account corresponds with the name on the live account and the name on your previously submitted documents.

When making a deposit using a bank transfer, simply click on the “Bank Transfer” option, and use your banking app to transfer the funds using your bank’s instructions.

How the Withdrawal Process Works

To withdraw funds from your Valutrades account, log in to your account and go to “My Funds.” Then click on “Withdrawal Request.” Choose the trading account you would like to withdraw from, enter the amount, select the payment method, and enter in the relevant payment details.

Once you’ve entered the amount and selected the proper account, click “Submit.” This amount will be deducted from your Valutrades account. The funds should be processed within 24 hours or as soon as Valutrades approves your request.

Note: If you are making a withdrawal for the first time, you may need to contact support for assistance to activate the withdrawal method. If a new withdrawal method is required due to the previous deposit method being unavailable, complete the “Verify New Withdrawal Method” section in the client area.

Funding Methods

Filter funding methods by country:

Other methods may be available.
Please contact our support team for a current list.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any charges for deposits and withdrawals by bank transfer?
There is no minimum deposit for clients to fund via bank transfer or any charges from Valutrades.

However, sometimes a client may incur fees from their bank for sending a deposit to Valutrades.

If you incur any fees from your bank, please email with proof of the charge. Valutrades will then credit this amount to your trading account within 24 business hours.

How can I transfer my funds between my accounts?
At Valutrades, you can transfer your funds between accounts instantly and with no fees, as long as:

  • You are a regular trader and have enough free margin on your account.
  • You are a regular trader and your account is not under a MAM.
  • Or you are an affiliate and have signed their agreement.

Note: If your accounts are in different currencies, it will automatically convert your funds (at the spot rate of +/- 100 pips).

To transfer funds across different Valutrades properties, such as Valutrades UK to Valutrades Seychelles, clients must use the same email address for both entities, and both accounts must be verified.

To complete an internal transfer:

  • Log in to the client area.
  • Or you are an affiliate and have signed their agreement.
  • Go to “My Funds.”
  • Click on “Transfer Funds Between Accounts.”
  • Using the drop-down menu, choose the account you wish to deduct the funds from along with the account you would like to deposit to.
  • Submit the amount you would like to transfer. If your accounts use two different currencies, our system will convert this for you.
  • Click submit to process your request.

How do I deposit and withdraw my funds using Boleto?
The Boleto will be generated in your CLIENT AREA

Select the trading account you would like to make the deposit to, and enter the amount to be deposited. Then click “Fund Account.”

What are the deadlines for receiving deposits and withdrawals?
This will depend on your chosen method, but all withdrawals are processed within 24 working hours of when you submit your request.

Does Valutrades offer negative balance protection?
Valutrades Retail Account:

For Valutrades UK clients, we cover balances for each Valutrades UK account that is negative due to a Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) regulation.

Therefore, if you obtain a negative balance in one of your Valutrades UK accounts but have a positive balance in another account, we will not transfer any funds to cover the negative balance. Your balance will just be taken back to 0.

What is Advanced Corretora?
Valutrades is now offering customers a new payment method: Advanced Corretora. This is for both deposits and withdrawals and is available for customers based in Brazil. The new payment method makes it easier for Brazilian customers to deposit and withdraw quickly and securely. They can then access the forex, CFD, and commodity markets through our broker.

What deposit options do you offer?
Valutrades offers a range of deposit methods suitable for all clients. We are frequently adding new deposit methods.

You can see all deposit methods offered and related information in our funding and withdrawal policy: DEPOSIT AND WITHDRAWAL POLICY

Do you charge any fees for deposits?
We do not charge clients any fees for funding their accounts.


The same amount you deposit will be credited directly to your trading account.

This applies to all funding methods.


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