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Valutrades Limited - a company incorporated in England with company number 07939901. View more information here.
Valutrades (Seychelles) Limited - a company incorporated in the Seychelles with company number 8423648-1.


Regulated by the FCA (Fincancial Conduct Authority). Financial Services Register Number 586541.
Regulated by the FSA (Financial Services Authority). Regulatory Number SD028.

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30:1 (or up to 500:1 for Professional clients, click here to find out more about professional client status)
Up to 500:1


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Webinar: Economic Events All Forex Traders Should Follow

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Webinar: Fibonacci Retracement Levels

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3 Categories of Technical Indicators All Forex Traders Should Know

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Learn how to implement effective trading strategies and use a range of analytical tools with easy-to-follow videos.

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How to Open a Valutrades Demo MT4 Account

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Double Tops & Bottoms on MT4

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Types of Signals

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Range Trading

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Expand your expertise by reading about everything from forex fundamentals to common industry terms, tools, trading strategies, news, misconceptions, and much more.

Trading Strategies

3 Categories of Technical Indicators All Forex Traders Should Know

Price movements in the forex market may be hard to predict, but they aren’t entirely random, either. There is logic behind the way currency pairs rise or fall in value, and decades of forex trading...

Important Updates

Important Product Update: Indexes & Oil

In our quest to continuously improve our trading conditions and services to our clients, Valutrades will be making some changes on the value of lot sizes and the minimum tradable amount on all Index...

Forex Affiliate Programs

Forex Affiliate Marketing: Why am I Not Earning Anything?

You became a forex affiliate to capitalize on your referrals, but you aren’t seeing the return you were hoping for … now what? We’ve laid out five tips to help you pinpoint where you went wrong and...

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Trading Strategies

Forex trading tips and strategies


Updates on new trading products and services

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Daily market news, commentary and updates to guide your trading

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Educational articles for partners and affiliates

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Master new skills, ask questions, and learn from the best by attending live training seminars with forex experts.

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Webinar: Economic Events All Forex Traders Should Follow

Watch this webinar to learn how to read an economic calendar, why these events can impact currencies, equities, and commodities, and how to trade these events using fundamentals and technical analysis.

Webinar: Adjusting Risk Management for Volatile Conditions

In times of uncertainty, markets have a tendency to make quick swings, and it’s important to understand risk management and how to perform fundamental analysis so you can successfully navigate a choppy market. 

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Download step-by-step guides and e-books to enhance your forex understanding and inform your approach.

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Learn to Trade

Succeeding in forex doesn’t require a degree in finance or a bottomless bank account. Start cultivating your potential and creating your future by mastering the basics.

Master The Basics

Trading Course

Forex Trading Course

In this online trading course, we show you how to set up your practice account, step by step, and progress all the way to more advanced trading concepts such as support and resistance.

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4 Biggest Reasons Why You Lose with Forex

By reading this eBook, you will learn the 4 biggest reasons why traders lose money, the importance of establishing and staying consistent with a strategy, plus tools you can use to help trade and track performance

On-Demand Webinar

Avoiding Fear and Greed

In this webinar, we’ll help you identify whether you’re falling victim to fear-based or greed-based trades, plus we’ll show you several methods you can use to prevent these emotions from derailing your overall strategy.


6 Common Misconceptions of Forex Traders

When trading forex, it’s important to learn from experience and set realistic goals for yourself. In this blog, we break down six common misconceptions of forex traders:


4 Tools to Help You Create a Successful Forex Trading Strategy

Different analytical tools in your trading toolkit can help you locate buy and sell signals, Here are 4 tools that can help you create a success trading strategy:


How Much Money Do the Top Forex Traders Make?

Ever wonder how much the top forex traders make? We discuss in this article and review how you can earn more trading.

Improve Your Trading Skills

On-Demand Webinar

MT4 and MT5 for Intermediate Traders

In this webinar, industry veteran Brad Alexander explains how intermediate traders can use MetaTrader 4 and 5 to take full advantage of trading tools and capabilities.


6 Effective Forex Trading Strategies

Discover the in's and out's of 6 of the most effective forex trading strategies. Before you jump into any of them, we highly recommend you test-drive them first with a free demo account.


Risk Management Strategies: How and When to Walk Away

It’s important to know when to take profit to protect your portfolio. Learn about how to walk away from a trade in this blog:


Common Chart Patterns: A Forex Cheat Sheet

Thanks to a number of trading patterns, you can learn to anticipate price movements if you know what to look for. Here are five trading patterns you should be familiar with:

On-Demand Webinar

Market Charts and Patterns

This webinar will teach you how to read and react to chart patterns and help you identify break and bounce-off lines.

Explore Advanced Tactics

On-Demand Webinar

How to Trade Harmonic Patterns in Forex

In this webinar, Daniel Schütz will teach you the math behind harmonic trading, how to identify patterns, the difference between harmonic and non-harmonic patterns, and how to best trade using this strategy.

On-Demand Webinar

Alternative Methods to Visualise Price

This webinar explore salternative ways to visualise forex prices, such as using tools like range bars and record charts.


How to Hedge a Forex Trade to Make Money in Both Directions

All traders should learn how to hedge a forex trade. See the importance of hedging and learn how to make money with it in our latest blog:


End of Day Forex Trading: How to Find Signals and Potential Breakouts

End-of-day trading is a strategy in which traders choose to place trade orders after the New York stock market has closed for the day. Learn how to spot potential signals and breakouts here:


How to Use Forex Pattern Recognition Software

In this blog, we discuss forex pattern recognition software and how to identify specific graphic patterns in price movement.


Gain the insight you need to make smarter decisions by taking advantage of our trading toolbox.

Live Quotes

Get realtime price quotes on world currencies, commodities and indices. See current bid and ask prices of forex currencies, commodities, CFDs and more.

Web Trader

Access your trading account today through Valutrades' web trader portal. Log in from anywhere to manage your account and execute trades.


See traders' current consensus towards global currency pairs using Valutrades' live market sentiment indicators.

Economic Calendar

Use Valutrades' economic events calendar tool to stay up to date on important financial reports, events and announcements within the world of forex.

Forex Glossary

Learn the definitions of the most important forex trading terms from our glossary. Bookmark this helpful resource from Valutrades.

Trading Indicators

We offer multiple indicators for our MT5 platform to help you spot setups and become a more informed trader. Get access today by opening an account.

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