CFDs are complex instruments and come with a high risk of losing money rapidly due to leverage. 54% of retail investor accounts lose money when trading CFDs with this provider. You should consider whether you understand how CFDs work and whether you can afford to take the high risk of losing your money.

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Cointegration, Correlation, and Currency Pair Trading Strategy



Learn how to implement effective trading strategies and use a range of analytical tools with easy-to-follow videos.


Opening a Live Account with Valutrades


Forex Exit Strategies: When to Exit Your Trade and Take Profit


How to Use Volatility Indicators


Introduction to Elliot Wave Theory

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Forex Affiliate Programs

You became a forex affiliate to capitalize on your referrals, but you aren’t seeing the return you were hoping for … now what? We’ve laid out five tips to hel...


Brent Crude

Hey Valutraders!  Valutrades gives you the opportunity to trade the Crude Oil Markets on their MT4 and MT5 platforms. So? What are these oil markets? &...


On January 8th 2018, Valutrades launched it’s initial Crypto currency solution. The solution includes access to 3 crypto currencies a total of 5 tradeabl...



Hey Valutraders! Did you see the big fall in Gold? Subscribe to Free Valutrades Signals at I’m Brad Alexand...

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Improve your trading knowledge through our latest on-demand webinars.


Cointegration, Correlation, and Currency Pair Trading Strategy

Join our upcoming webinar to learn about this popular strategy and how to understand cointegration and correlation for successful pairs trading.


Understanding Quantitative Easing and Its Effect on the Forex Market

In our upcoming webinar, we’ll discuss what quantitative easing (QE) is and how its implementation can affect your trading strategy.


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Trade Better with Free Forex Signals

Trade Better with Free Forex Signals In this webinar, we’ll explain what forex signals are and why they’re important, the different types of signals available, and how to use these signals to make better trading decisions.

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Forex Trading Course

In this online trading course, we show you how to set up your practice account, step by step, and progress all the way to more advanced trading concepts such as support and resistance.

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4 Biggest Reasons Why You Lose with Forex

4 Biggest Reasons Why You Lose with Forex By reading this eBook, you will learn the 4 biggest reasons why traders lose money, the importance of establishing and staying consistent with a strategy, plus tools you can use to help trade and track performance


Avoiding Fear and Greed

In this webinar, we’ll help you identify whether you’re falling victim to fear-based or greed-based trades, plus we’ll show you several methods you can use to prevent these emotions from derailing your overall strategy.


6 Common Misconceptions of Forex Traders

When trading forex, it’s important to learn from experience and set realistic goals for yourself. In this blog, we break down six common misconceptions of forex traders:


4 Tools to Help You Create a Successful Forex Trading Strategy

Different analytical tools in your trading toolkit can help you locate buy and sell signals, Here are 4 tools that can help you create a success trading strategy:


How Much Money Do the Top Forex Traders Make?

Ever wonder how much the top forex traders make? We discuss in this article and review how you can earn more trading.


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