Forex traders often use leverage to profit from price fluctuations between two currencies. It’s a technique that requires significantly more risk-management such as the use of stop-losses and technical analysis, but the payoff for traders can be lucrative.

The reason for this is because using leverage allows you to trade currency for only a fraction of your deposit. For Example: To trade $200,000 of currency with a margin of 1%, an investor only has to deposit $2,000 into their margin account

Join us in this webinar as we review how to use leverage in your trading and how it can make or break your portfolio.

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  • How to hedge your portfolio effectively using leverage
  • How much leverage is too much
  • How to use leverage to increase your market exposure
  • How to manage your positions with size


Malte Kaub is a finance professional with more than 10 years of deep experience in trading. His expert knowledge and network has compressed the learning curve for traders of all experience levels.

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