This webinar originally aired on 9/19/17


The German election is expected to bring significant volatility to the markets including Forex, Indices and Gold, and it’s very important that your portfolio is set-up to handle some inevitable volatility.

In this upcoming webinar, we sit down with special guest Daniel Schütz to discuss the impact that the German election will have on Forex Markets and review whether your strategy is prepared to endure the volatility.

In this webinar we'll discuss:

  • What to watch for in the upcoming German election
  • How election results could potentially impact forex markets
  • Different ways to trade based on the election news
  • How to make to make sure your portfolio is set up to handle volatility

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Daniel Schütz started his career as a lawyer specializing in capital markets. He is one of the best known traders in Germany and successfully trades the currency markets for many years. Daniel is a fully qualified technical analyst and a proven expert in the field of pattern recognition. His pragmatic and goal oriented trading approach is highly appreciated by beginners and professionals alike.


Malte Kaub is a finance professional with more than 10 years of deep experience in trading. His expert knowledge and network has compressed the learning curve for traders of all experience levels.

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