In the late 1920’s, a man named Ralph Nelson Elliott developed a trading theory that he believed proved that markets behave in repetitive cycles. The theory has since been coined the “Elliott Wave Theory” and it argues that market trends occur in five or three major waves, depending on direction of the trend.

The reason why Elliott Wave Trading is so appealing is because it allows traders to use a formula to make market predictions based on wave patterns.

In this webinar, we’ll discuss the history behind Elliott Wave Trading and show you how you can apply the theory to your own trading.

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  • An overview of the Elliott Wave Theory
  • How to begin counting Elliott Waves
  • How to understand wave patterns and fibonacci retracements
  • How you can use the wave theory for future forex trades


Daniel Schutz started his career as a lawyer specializing in capital markets. He is one of the best known traders in Germany and successfully trades the currency markets for many years. Daniel is a fully qualified technical analyst and a proven expert in the field of pattern recognition. His pragmatic and goal oriented trading approach is highly appreciated by beginners and professionals alike

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