Harmonic pattern trading uses a mathematical formula to predict future price swings in currency.

Fibonacci numbers are used in conjunction with geometry to identify turning points and movement in the price of a currency, allowing traders to take advantage of swings in price. It’s one of the most mathematical trading strategies that exists, and it requires much practice to feel comfortable measuring waves and patterns.

In this webinar, Daniel Schütz will teach you the math behind harmonic trading, how to identify patterns, the difference between harmonic and non-harmonic patterns, and how to best trade using this strategy.

DanielWatch the webinar to learn:

  • What are harmonic trading patterns?
  • What’s the difference between harmonic and non-harmonic patterns?
  • How to best trade harmonic patterns


Daniel Schütz is a fully qualified technical analyst and a proven expert in the field of pattern recognition. His pragmatic and goal oriented trading approach is highly appreciated by beginners and professionals alike.

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