Swing Trading: How to Identify Opportunities Within the Market


Swing trading is a common forex strategy where traders hold assets for a number of days, rather than a single day which is commonly referred to as day trading. It’s a strategy based on identifying market opportunities and taking advantage of swings in currency prices.

But a key difference between day and swing trading is that with swing trading, you don’t have to be glued to a screen; Swing trading allows you to open and exit positions so that you don’t have to monitor your portfolio 24/7.

In this webinar, we’ll review the strategy behind swing trading and discuss how you can start identifying opportunities in the market.

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  • What makes swing trading such a popular strategy for forex traders
  • How to analyse price charts and data to see movement in value and identify opportunities
  • How to set up your trades so that you don’t have to be stuck to your screen


Daniel Schutz started his career as a lawyer specializing in capital markets. He is one of the best known traders in Germany and successfully trades the currency markets for many years. Daniel is a fully qualified technical analyst and a proven expert in the field of pattern recognition. His pragmatic and goal oriented trading approach is highly appreciated by beginners and professionals alike

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